What happened to Briana Renee on Little Women: LA?

Briana Renee Little Women: LA
Briana Renee on Little Women: LA – will she return to the show?

Little Women: LA Season 7 has been missing one of the show’s most famous faces, Briana Renee, but what happened to her and why is she not on the show?

As one of the stars of the Lifetime series, Briana has been around since day one but it looks like she won’t be around at all this season and there’s no telling if she’ll be back at all.

It was revealed back in January that Briana wouldn’t be returning for Season 7. After finally deciding to end things with Matt Grundhoffer, the Little Women: LA star decided to take a break from the show, according to PEOPLE.

“Briana decided to leave the show after filming the holiday special during season six of Little Women: LA — that was her last time on set,” a source told the magazine.  “She wants to focus on her health, her children and her music. The divorce process is draining her and she wants to stay off the radar and not have to adhere to a demanding shoot schedule.”

In December, Briana made it clear that she had left the show when she changed her employment status on Facebook. Instead of showing her as a Little Women cast member, it now says she is self-employed. Roughly two weeks later, Briana dropped her first single called Cage, kicking off her music career.

It seems there may have been more to it than just that. Briana Renee left Matt back in the fall, making an official announcement on Instagram on November 11 after it became clear that he still wasn’t being as faithful to her as he should have been.

Their marriage was plagued with infidelity after Matt got caught on more than one occasion sexting with people who were not his wife. One of them, a transgender model named Plastic Martyr, even made a debut on Little Women: LA during Season 5.

It didn’t take Briana long to replace Matt after she kicked him to the curb. Given the extreme drama Briana dealt with while trying to maintain a relationship with him while cameras were rolling, it would make sense that she wouldn’t want to do the TV thing all again with a new man.

On February 25, Briana debuted a new Matt. His name is Matt Miller and it’s not entirely clear how long they have known each other or how long they have been dating.

It does look like Briana and the new Matt are pretty serious though. She posted a family picture on Easter that included both of her kids and the new Matt in it and even tagged him so fans could go snoop on his profile.

So far, the new Matt hasn’t made a debut on Briana Renee’s Instagram though his motorcycle did back in March. Based on both of their Facebook accounts, it looks like the new couple is still going strong.

Aside from those few photo shares, Briana has been pretty quiet as Season 7 of Little Women: LA rolls on.

As far as Briana Renee returning to the show, it doesn’t look like that will happen. Or if it does, she’ll have to eat a lot of crow upon her return.

In an Instagram Live session last week, Briana told her fans that she was done with Little Women: LA for good. Then she went on to talk about why she left Matt Grundhoffer and ended her marriage.

To see Briana explain for herself, check out this video:


Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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