What happened to Aimee on Floribama Shore? Fans confused when she returns to the house

Aimee during a Floribama Shore confessional.
Aimee got arrested during Season 2 of Floribama Shore. Pic credit: MTV

Aimee Hall returned to the Floribama Shore house tonight and some viewers are wondering where she went. What happened to Aimee?

When Floribama Shore was filming in Panama City Beach last season, Aimee Hall got into an altercation at a bar with a local woman. The two exchanged words and the lady accused the reality star of breaking her nose.

Even though Aimee Hall and the other Floribama Shore houseguests left the bar, the police still pursued them. She was arrested on camera and from there, court dates were set. Aimee was ordered to take anger management classes. She revealed this season that she completed the class and had officially graduated.

Last week, Aimee Hall left St. Petersburg where Floribama Shore filmed Season 3 and went back to Panama City Beach to attend a court date. When she got into town, she visited Kortni Gilson, who was still back home recovering from a tonsillectomy.

Upon her return to the Floribama Shore house, Aimee Hall revealed that she couldn’t talk about things. The roommates seemed to accept that without much fuss and the topic shifted to them being grateful she wasn’t in jail.

It appears that all of the court things are handled at this point. Aimee Hall tweeted that she was glad the ordeal was over as well, as the episode aired live. Things have been looking better for the Floribama Shore star this season and she has been implementing the skills she learned in anger management.

Viewers who missed last week’s episode of Floribama Shore wondered where Aimee Hall had been. She came looking a little rough after returning from her court date in Panama City Beach. Things appeared to have calmed down in Aimee’s life for now.

Floribama Shore airs Thursday night at 8/7c on MTV.

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