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What did Jeremy Kappell say? New York WHEC meteorologist fired for racial slur

WHEC’s Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Kappell has been fired after a racial slur was used on air. Pic credit: WHEC

WHEC’s Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Kappell has been fired after using a racial slur during Friday’s weather forecast. The incident saw the Rochester, New York weatherman refer to Martin Luther King Park as “Martin Luther Coon Park,” according to CNN.

CNN reports that after he caught himself using the word “coon” instead of King, he immediately continued to use the word “King,” correcting himself.

According to Urban Dictionary, “coon” is an insulting term and when it’s used by Caucasians to insult an African American.

CNN reports that clips of Kappell’s segment using the racial slur were spread on social media over the weekend, causing Rochester Mayor Lovely A. Warren to take action.

A statement was released, claiming that what Jeremy Kappell said was hurtful, wrong, and unacceptable, with the mayor calling for his termination.

The TV station followed suit, issuing an apology two days after the incident.

WHEC’s Vice President and General Manager, Richard A. Reingold, released a statement saying that Jeremy had been fired and he had been subject to an internal investigation.

The station has also released a statement, saying that they want to prevent these kinds of incidents from happening in the future.

In a video posted to his personal Facebook page, Kappall explains that he often speaks fast and it was a simple slip of the tongue.

He also explains that he’s disappointed to lose his job, but that he meant absolutely no ill will when he accidentally used the word.

Kappall also thanks his neighbors, his church friends, and everyone who has come forward to show their support. He emphasizes that he did not mean anything with the word and that it was an honest mistake.

Jeremy Kappall didn’t reveal what his next steps would be.

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