Westworld finale time: Season 2, Episode 10 arrives at HBO, but does season finale hold answers?

Westworld Season 2 Finale Image
Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) appears befuddled during Westworld Season 2 finale. Image via: HBO

Westworld finale time has arrived. Season 2, Episode 10, better known as the Season 2 finale, airs Sunday night (June 24) on HBO. This episode has been highly-anticipated, as the second season has been packed with new information for viewers. That includes everything that took place in the penultimate episode from June 17. There are some spoilers about it below.

Called Vanishing Point, Season 2, Episode 9 shocked HBO viewers. The synopsis for the episode read, “One may try to kill it all away, but one remembers everything.”

As fans of the show saw, the Man in Black (Ed Harris) lost his wife (Selena Ward) to suicide, following her learning what he had been doing at the park all this time. That wasn’t the biggest shocker for the character, though, as fearing he was being manipulated by Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), the Man in Black murdered his daughter, Emily (Katja Herbers), in the park.

The end of Teddy?

The biggest shocker of the episode came toward the end when Teddy (James Marsden) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Ward) paused on their journey to the “Valley Beyond.” After another gunfight, Teddy remembered everything during his time in the park, including the moment when he was brought online. Regretting what Dolores had done to him by turning him into a murderer, Teddy killed himself, leading to some very emotional moments.

So what happens in the Season 2 Westworld finale? The HBO synopsis reads, “One lives only as long as one is remembered.” Called The Passenger, HBO has released a season finale teaser that is shared in the video below.

The Westworld finale time is 9/8c on HBO, airing Sunday night, June 24. West Coast viewers with HBO East will be able to watch the Westworld season finale three hours earlier.

HBO2 will also be running all the Season 2 episodes on Sunday for fans who are interested in watching a marathon. The Season 2 finale is a 90-minute installment and the Westworld trailer makes it appear as though a lot of the main characters are going to make it to The Forge. Who survives?

Even though it is Westworld finale time, HBO has already ordered a third season of the program, so 10 more episodes will be coming out in summer 2019. This could limit the numbers of answers that await characters like Bernard, Dolores, the Man in Black, Maeve (Thandie Newton), and Charlotte (Tessa Thompson).

Westworld airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on HBO.

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