Werewolf drives terrified locals from village on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

Early drawing of woodcut of a werewolf featuring a man with big teeth on all fours with a child in his mouth
An early depiction of a werewolf running amok

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth the team are headed to the remote regions of Romania where a werewolf is said to be stalking villagers.

Werewolves are pretty familiar to us all and one of the most ubiquitous monster legends with dozens of werewolf movies having been made and with them appearing in hundreds of books and stories.

However, it is not often in modern times that reports are made of actual sightings of one and even less so that an entire village has been abandoned due to the proximity of a lycanthrope. Could it just be a local who is suffering mental illness or even a murderer on the loose, or could it be something that needs a silver bullet?

Also on this episode, Josh heads to Chilean desert as he looks into sightings of a raptor-like creature that is said to dwell in the area. This dinosaur throwback is reported to thrive in the stifling heat, but are the reports just large lizards?

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth airs Fridays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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