‘We ready’: Watch the epic new NFL commercial and be ready for the playoffs

Stills from the 'We Ready' NFL commercial
Stills from the ‘We Ready’ NFL commercial for the playoffs. Pic credit: NFL

We ready, we ready, we ready…for y’all! Good luck getting that chant out of your head after watching the latest rousing commercial for the NFL.

The newly released TV spot is based around a video which went viral in 2016 of a high-school football team chanting “We Ready” in a bid to get hyped before a game.

The chant comes from Archie Eversole’s 2002 hit We Ready featuring Bubba Sparxxx, with the lyrics reading:

We ready (what, what)
We ready (what, what)
We ready (we ready, we ready)
For y’all (come on, we ready, come on)
We ready (we ready for)
We ready (we ready for)
We ready (we ready for)
For y’all (we ready, we ready)

The NFL commercial is titled “Get Ready for the NFL Playoffs”, and was released as the regular NFL season came to a close on Sunday.

The minute-long spot starts with the original footage of the high school team chanting, before clips of both football fans, players and coaches — including the Patriots’ Tom Brady and the Seattle Seahawks’ Pete Carroll — are interspersed into it.

Twelve teams are preparing for the post-season, which starts this weekend with the wild-card round.

Watch the full “We Ready” NFL commercial below!

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