Watch the moment Joseline Hernandez quit Love & Hip Hop

A close-up of Joseline Hernandez as she talks to Stevie J
Joseline tells Stevie J she’s “done” with Love & Hip Hop while standing outside the reunion

Love her or hate her, Joseline Hernadez has certainly brought the drama to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

So fans of the show are will have to come to terms with the loss after she quit the show last night.

Watch the moment unfold in the clip below, where Joseline stands outside the studio where the reunion is taking place and refuses to go in.

Talking to Stevie J, she says she would have appeared if producers had allowed her to take the stage with her friends Melissa and Jessica Dime.

She says of the show’s producers: “But they don’t wanna do that, they want me to get ugly. They want me to waste my energy on things that don’t matter.”

Joseline then tells Stevie she’s “done” with the show, before saying they can “suck my d***” over her contract.

She adds: “I’m going to be filming movies. Think I give a f*** about your contract?”

The LHHATL star then walks away to a waiting car and once inside the car tells the cameraman: “Tell them I make movies. F*** Love & Hip Hop. I am motherf****** Love & Hip Hop.

“You know who the f*** I is? I’m the Puerto-Rican Princess, and it’s going to take God to come down here and slow me down.”

Back inside the studio the footage draws gasps from the audience, before Stevie J confirms that she has left not just the show, but the franchise for good.

Watch the scene unfold in the clip below.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is finished for the season. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood starts next week, Monday, July 24, at 8/7c on VH1.

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