Watch Safaree Samuels mock Erica Mena in Love and Hip Hop flashback

Love and hip Hop erica and Safaree
Safaree Samuels mocks Erica Mena before their engagement. Pic credit: VH1.

In Love and Hip-Hop Season 9 episode 7, a flashback has come to haunt Safaree Samuels as he mocks his fiancé Erica Mena with her ex-boyfriend Rich Dollaz.  

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena announced thier engagement on Christmas Eve last year. The unlikely Love and Hip-Hop couple started dating about a month before their surprise engagement, according to TMZ.  

The couple has since hinted at having children and have received offers about live streaming their upcoming wedding.  

In the recent Love and Hip-Hop episode, Rick Dollaz recalls taking a record away from someone and Safaree quickly realizes that he is talking about Erica in the hilarious scene.  

He begins mocking her singing ability as the Love and Hip Hop flashback reminds viewers how Erica’s singing led to a heated argument with Rich Dollaz. 

It doesn’t appear that the Love and Hip-Hop scene is going to affect their relationship. Erica recently took to Instagram to show off her potential wedding dress with the following caption: 

“On the road to being Mrs. Samuels. What kind of dress do you all think is being made for my big day?”

Erica and Safaree have been spotted wearing matching outfits and sharing plenty of PDA on social media. Safaree, 37, who was previously in a relationship with Nicki Minaj, reportedly spent $175,0000 on the engagement ring.

Erica Mena was previously engaged to rapper Bow Wow and was recently in a relationshiip with Clifford Dixon.

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