Watch Netflix’s Orange is the New Black series finale trailer

Orange is the New Black trailer
Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman in the Orange is the New Black Season 7 trailer. Pic credit: Netflix

It’s the end of an era as Orange is the New Black gets ready to air its final season on Netflix.

Many critics argued that the show started to go downhill after Season 5 when the inmates of Litchfield organized a riot. The riot then spurred all of the main characters to be sent to different facilities, effectively firing half the cast for Season 6. The trailer does not necessarily indicate if those who were sent to a “different facility” will return for the series finale.

The series finale trailer doesn’t give much away when it comes to what’s on tap for the characters. It appears Piper will be struggling with settling into the real world and working some type of office job. Sophia also appears to be on “the outs” as she does Piper’s hair and make-up in a little snippet.

Alex is still in jail in the series finale, and the trailer makes it seem that she and Piper are still navigating their relationship during Alex’s incarceration.

Other than showing Piper living her life in the outside, there isn’t really much we glean from this trailer. Perhaps this is more of a teaser and the next trailer will give us a better idea of the story arc.

The final season of Orange is the New Black drops on Netflix on July 26.

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