Watch Mama June undergo scary weight-loss surgery on From Not to Hot

Mama June goes under the knife in From Not to Hot: Operation Tummy Boo Boo
Mama June goes under the knife in From Not to Hot: Operation Tummy Boo Boo

Watch Mama June undergo scary weight-loss surgery in the clip below — taken from this week’s second episode of WE tv’s new series From Not to Hot.

The episode, titled Operation Tummy Boo Boo, is fraught with worry and fretting over her surgery as daughters Alana and Pumpkin weigh in with their opinions and June bites the bullet and goes ahead with the operation.

The series sees 37-year-old June undergo a massive “revenge body” transformation where she goes from weighing 470-lb to a size 4.

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Watch the footage below as June goes under the knife, while Alana and Pumpkin sit nervously waiting for news of how it’s gone.

Meanwhile, also this week, June’s monster of a trainer Kenya Crooks gives the show its true engine as the s*** gets real while he barks orders and smacks a pizza slice out of her face.

One wonders if June, famous for not taking any guff, gives back as good as she gets with Crooks.

Crooks is a no-nonsense drill sergeant with June, who has the maddening discipline of a labrador dog when it comes to food.

This fitness and nutrition expert has worked for the Braxton family, Ray Leonard Jr. and other celebrities, so he’s used to difficult divas.

June is put through a regimen of fitness with star trainer Kenya Crooks

One could say this is the year when Mama June gets her groove back… if she ever had one.

June is whittled, chopped, stapled, sucked and generally bullied into a fitness regimen while her portly brood supply the snarky Southern Greek chorus.

Tonight, watch as June goes under the knife for her total body transformation.

Mayhem ensues post-surgery as a blind date is trumped by her new trainer who is hardcore as he makes her skip the ‘sketti’ and do ten more reps of pushups.

Mama June: From Hot to Not airs Fridays at 10/9C on WE tv.

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