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Watch Little Women: LA exclusive clip as newly single Tonya celebrates with whipped cream!

This week on Little Women: LA, Tonya is celebrating being single again and the ladies decide to mark the occasion by getting a little bit wild!

Little Women: LA
Things get a little crazy on Little Women: LA, but it’s all done in good fun

The women head out for some drinks where they end up on top of the bar Coyote Ugly style and then the whipped cream comes out!

People in bar laughing
The other bar patrons are in fits over the women’s whipped cream shenanigans

It goes in mouths, on faces and just about everywhere else. At one point two of the women simulate a sex act with the cream, though it’s all done in good fun and the other bar patrons seem to think it is hysterical.

Elena is not impressed by the other women's antics and wonders what she is doing there
Elena is not impressed by the other women’s antics and wonders what she is doing there

However, Elena is unimpressed and says the other women are completely wasted and reckons that if she wanted to see a food fight she could stay at home with her kids!

Little Women: LA airs at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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