Watch killer fog creeping into town of Pecatonica in exclusive preview for Science Channel’s Strange Evidence

Science Channel’s Strange Evidence will examine a killer fog that crept into the Illinois town of Pecatonica and caused mayhem.

Tonight’s premiere episode sees first responders recollect, and scientists examine, an eerie, toxic fog that descended an Illinois town back in 2007, forcing town people to flee for their lives.

Using first-person accounts and footage from surveillance cameras the episode includes an interview with firefighter Mike Knoup, who explains how he had to go door to door with his men to warn residents.

A still captures how the fog encroached on the small Illinois town where evacuations took place
A still captures how the fog encroached on the small Illinois town where evacuations took place

News reports claimed that several hundred residents had to leave their homes after a toxic chemical leak at an agriculture plant affected at least 10 people and forced the evacuations in three small northern Illinois towns, with Pecatonica being one of them.

Winnebago and Seward were also nearby towns where officials ordered a mandatory evacuation.

The culprit in all of this was the chemical anhydrous ammonia, which can be fatal if inhaled. It was leeched into the fog that rolled over these three cities in Illinois. Fortunately, thanks to the fast work of the first responders, no one in any of these three townships were seriously injured.

Anhydrous ammonia is a very caustic and toxic chemical that can kill. Symptoms of exposure include , digestive upset and extreme nausea and a shortness of breath.

The mistakes were made at Seward Agricultural Supply Inc. where workers were transferring anhydrous ammonia from a very large storage tank to a tanker truck when the equipment failed and a hose burst.

In other episodes to come, a deep-sea dive team in the Gulf of Mexico finds an unidentified organism through their camera before it disappears. In China, a highway collision creates a Hollywood special effects inferno.

This series is in its second season and is all about the strange events, unexplained calamities and odd sightings that happen in seemingly normal circumstances. Strange Evidence producers enlist the commentary of experts to try and explain these crazy happenings to make sense of it all.

Does the surveillance footage provide enough evidence to determine the cause of these horrifying occurrences? Watch tonight to see how the people respond to the killer fog creeping over them.

Strange Evidence kicks off Tuesday, July 10 at 9 pm ET/PT on Science Channel.

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