Watch Christian’s Survivor Ponderosa after a tribal council showdown divide in David vs. Goliath

Christian Hubiki Survivor
Christian is the latest juror in Survivor: David vs. Golaith. Pic credit: CBS

Christian Hubiki proved to be a threat in Survivor David vs. Goliath, and after several attempts he was finally voted off in a divided tribal council.

In Christian’s Ponderosa, he reunites with his close ally Gabby as he becomes the sixth juror. To no one’s surprise, Gabby runs over to Christian just as he gets off the boat and they share a hug. He also reunites with his “brochachos” Dan and John.

Christian turned out to be an unlikely strong social player but lacked in the physical challenges and finding immunity idols.

With only three votes, Survivor’s robot scientist got his torch snuffed. While Mike campaigned to vote off Christian during the episode, it was Nick, Kara, and Angelina that sent him to the jury.

Nick wasted an immunity idol in a crucial time in the game after Mike warned him that Davie was targeting him for tribal council. Davie, on the other hand, had no choice but to play his idol as it only had power for one tribal after he opted not to risk losing a vote to extend its power.

Christian and Davie voted for Alison while Alison and Mike sent their votes to Davie.

It has become increasingly clear with a 5 in 1 chance to win $1 million dollars that there is no longer a David and Goliath tribe.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale airs next week on Wednesday, December 19, on CBS.

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