Watch Billy Zane and Rob Riggle in the KFC Super Bowl 2017 commercial

Zane's "gold" colonel in the KFC Super Bowl ad as Riggle's lurks in the background
Zane’s “gold” colonel in the KFC Super Bowl ad as Riggle’s lurks in the background

Here’s Billy Zane starring as a “gold” colonel in KFC’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial — alongside Rob Riggle as the “real” colonel.

The main spot promotes the chain’s new KFC Georgia Gold honey mustard barbecue range — and plays on the theme of “there can only be one Colonel”.

Zane features as the colonel made of gold, while Riggle gets more and more annoyed at his new rival.

But there’s not much you can do to get rid of a version of yourself made of solid gold — one of the most dense metals on the planet.

There are also several supporting spots for the Super Bowl commercial, including one featuring Zane and Riggle playing Rock Paper Scissors to try and determine who should be the real colonel.

Another sees the pair arm wrestling with Riggle’s colonel trying to defeat Zane as he talks on the phone. But being made of gold means that isn’t easy — and leads to an inevitable result.

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