Was Big Brother renewed for Season 21 amid Les Moonves controversy?

Julie Chen on The Talk
Will Julie Chen score a renewal for Big Brother amid the Les Moonves controversy? Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother is currently airing Season 20, and so far it appears to be keeping the attention of long-time fans. With the finale airing in just over two weeks, the big question now is whether there will be another season next summer.

Julie Chen has been a huge presence on CBS. She not only hosts the live Big Brother shows but she also has a daily talk show, The Talk. While this may seem like a typical schedule for someone like Chen, the problem is that she is married to Leslie (Les) Moonves.

Over the last few weeks, several women have come forward with allegations against the head of CBS. In fact, the initial claims didn’t shake things up too much but over the weekend, more women came forward. Les Moonves stepped down as the CEO of CBS, and now everyone is wondering if or how that will affect Big Brother.

At this point, CBS has not announced a renewal or cancellation for Big Brother. With the season finale happening on September 26, this is a bit worrisome. If the network does choose to move forward with the summer hit, will Julie Chen still remain the host or will another celebrity replace her?

When the initial claims were revealed, Julie Chen put out a statement in support of her husband. The two have been married since 2004 and share a child together. As this gains steam, where Chen stands is unclear, but she is taking time away from The Talk to be with her family.

Social media has been buzzing about the Les Moonves controversy and how it will affect their favorite shows. While most of them will likely remain untouched, Julie Chen being married to the man in question and also heavily linked to Big Brother draws plenty of concern.

Earlier this year, Big Brother was given a celebrity edition. It was the first one for the US and it didn’t do exceptionally well in the ratings department. Another season was reportedly happening at some point but now, it is unclear if that will happen.

Season 20 should have garnered a lot of excitement from fans but between the allegations against Les Moonves and the insane drama in the house, there is no way to predict what CBS will do in the wake of everything crashing down at once.

For now, Big Brother is in limbo as fans wait on a decision from CBS and their plans for the show.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.