Wahlburgers: LA location is next to house where Mark got EVICTED

Mark Wahlberg on Wahlbergers
Mark Wahlberg is ready for the hustle on tonight’s Wahlbergers on A&E

Tonight on Wahlburgers, Mark does some serious hustling as he tries to persuade Paul a new LA location is a good one — and reveals it’s right next to an old house from which he was EVICTED.

A preview clip shows Mark reeling off all the good qualities of the neighborhood after insisting that to launch in LA “you need an A+ location”.

He tells older brother Paul: “You’ve got traffic, you’ve got three new hotels going up, two parking lots in the back, my old apartment right there where I got evicted…”

Mark quickly adds: “Not my fault by the way!”

Paul is seen putting his head in his hands after listening to Mark’s efforts, before getting a tour around the location where Mark shows him the bar, kitchen and bathroom.

Also on tonight’s Season 6 Episode 6 of Wahlbergers, titled Hollywood and Dine, Paul serves up an extra-special meal for Mark and his wife Rhea Durham at the restaurant where the pair first met each other.

Meanwhile, Donnie gets matriarch Alma to do a chat with a website for Mother’s Day.

Wahlburgers airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on A&E. 

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