WAGS Atlanta: Kesha’s desperate tabs kept on footballer C.J. Mosley

Kesha Norman, Kierra Douglas
Kesha laments about her wandering partner CJ Mosley to Kierra on WAGS Atlanta

On this week’s WAGS Atlanta, the deal with the devil that these smart, successful and beautiful women in the cast make to stay in a stable relationship with their highly paid sports stars is in full display.

Namely, it is Kesha Norman who explains her flawed spying strategy on her man and father of their daughter Kali – C.J. Mosley – to her friend Kierra Douglas.

E!’s WAGS Atlanta is a reality series that focuses on several different women, six in a relationship, as four are married, two are in live-in relationships and the other three ladies are single.

We learn from Kesha that Mosley, has a terrible record of allegedly hooking up with other women in every city he visits.  He has even deleted his Instagram because of her jealousy.

Even Douglas laments in a side interview that the WAGS need to do this to keep tabs on their lovers who seem to have a “wife” in every destination they arrive.

Atlanta is a center for famous athletes and serves as the unofficial “black Hollywood” where rich and powerful people rub shoulders. The series at times painfully paints how all the women handle the stress of being a famous athlete’s muse, hot one minute and cold the next.

But the constant push-pull of a happy home life versus the alluring electric nightlife drives the series.

Kesha tells Kierra: “Since he found the secret security camera that I put in, C.J. and I are separated. Things have been very uncomfortable for us. Kelli and I are staying at the townhouse…I deserve every right to keep that [security] camera in…It really was for me to know if my relationship [is] where it needs to be right now…I’ve never been able to trust ‘this is it!'”

Kierra Douglas is sympathetic as she listens to Kesha justify the undignified last resort of why she had a hidden camera keeping tabs on C.J. Mosley.

She sums up the dismal state of affairs for the WAGS: “They (athletes) can’t keep what’s in their pants, in their pants!”

WAGS Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT on E!

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