Vivica’s Black Magic live tour is coming to a venue near you

The Vivica's Black Magic hunks on Lifetime
The Vivica’s Black Magic hunks on Lifetime — and now you can see them in the flesh

The stars of Lifetime show Vivica’s Black Magic have announced a US live tour of their sexy stage show — starting next week and stretching through to July, as the hunks wow audiences with their risqué revue.

The Black Magic Live tour is set to start at the Savoy Entertainment Center in Inglewood, CA, on January 26 with tickets ranging from $35 to $85 through Eventbrite.

Dates are then scheduled in across the US in Las Vegas, NV, Arizona, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, St Louis, LA, Birmingham, AL, Jackson, MS, Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, Orlando, FL, Miami-Dade, FL, Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, Myrtle Beach, NC, Columbia, SC, Brookfield, OH, and finishing up in Baltimore, MD, on July 1.

The show features the stars of Vivica A. Fox’s hit Lifetime’s series Vivica’s Black Magic, billed as some of the “biggest and brightest exotic male dancers” from across the United States.

Currently only tickets for the first date in Inglewood are available but the others are expected to be added to Eventbrite shortly. The first date includes the option of two shows, an early-bird one at 6.30pm and a Late Show at 9pm.

Some of the dancers taking part include Bolo, Heat, Mr. Incredible, Showtime, Jamaika, Slam, GQ, LoverBoy and special guest Charm. The Black Magic Live Stage Show first premiered in Las Vegas in May 2016.

The announcement of the Black Magic Live tour comes as the series continues with Episode 3 on Lifetime this week. Titled Fifty Shades of Chocolate, it shows the first public performance by the troupe, along with a new choreographer being hired after Darrin Henson quits.

Vivica’s Black Magic airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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