VirginZilla Michelle has a soft spot for ‘Python’ on Bridezillas

Python and Michelle on Bridezillas
Python and Michelle on Bridezillas

This week the Bridezillas reboot continues as WE tv follows some of the most outrageous brides you are likely to come across anywhere as sort out their nuptuals.

If you thought your own wedding was stressful or got a bit crazy, then prepare to put all that in perspective as CougarZilla’s groom disappears and VirginZilla Michelle deals with the consequences of the very sexy Python performing at her bachelorette party.

Her future husband says he doesn’t want any balls swinging in her face and tells us that: “If it ain’t mine, I don’t want it swinging in her face.”

Python and Michelle on Bridezillas
Michelle gets the full treatment from ‘Python’ on Bridezillas as he shows off his skills…

However, his worst fears come true when male stripper Python makes an appearance at the bachelorette party and shows Michelle just how he got his nickname, with some windmill action! She is worried about it costing too much to feed everyone at the wedding but if her husband to be cannot get over the party exploits then there might be no wedding at all!

Meantime, CougarZilla’s man has gone missing in action, so it’s not looking like smooth sailing for either bride this week.

Bridezillas airs on Fridays at 10:00pm|9:00 on WE tv.

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