Vikings: Valhalla: New Leif Eriksson clip questions whether he will be greater than his father

Sam Corlett stars as Leif Eriksson in Season 1 of Netflix's Vikings: Valhalla
Sam Corlett stars as Leif Eriksson in Season 1 of Vikings: Valhalla. Pic credit: Netflix/Bernard Walsh

Fans of History Channel’s Vikings have been eagerly awaiting news regarding Netflix’s spinoff series, Vikings: Valhalla, especially since they announced the first season would drop on February 25.

Since that news, though, there has been very little by way of further teasers until a trailer dropped on January 19. Now, the network has started revealing more about the main players in this new historical drama series.

Leif Eriksson is in the shadow of his famous father

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) is the son of the famous Viking, Erik the Red. In Vikings, Erik the Red was portrayed by Eric Johnson.

The Viking Sagas tell us that Erik was the founder of Greenlander. Once he discovered it, he gave the greatest spin on the freezing country by declaring its name as Greenland and that people who settled with him would certainly prosper thanks to its lush landscape.

Of course, he was lying, and many of the Icelandic Vikings that followed him to Greenland discovered an icy country. However, they settled with him regardless.

Leif Eriksson was raised in the shadow of this man who was described as both charismatic and violent.

Netflix has previously released the following bio on Leif’s character.

“A Greenlander, raised on the outer fringes of the known world, Leif comes from a tightly-knit family steeped in the old pagan beliefs. An intrepid sailor and physically tough, Leif is our entry into a Viking world in the throes of violent change.”

A tweet was also released describing the character as a “master of seamanship and warcraft.”

New teaser for Vikings: Valhalla features Leif Eriksson

Netflix has recently shared a clip dedicated to Leif and teases that this character might become more famous than his father.

The short clip opens by introducing Leif as “son of the great berserker, Erik the Red.”

Leif is shown both traversing the sea in a longship as well as fighting in battle.

Then, a woman asks Leif about his ambitions.

“Is that not what you wish?” she queries Leif. “To have a name greater than your father’s?”

Once more, the teaser returns to show Leif engaged in a variety of different battles and ends with the character covered in the blood of his enemies while he roars out his victory.

As to whether or not Leif will become more famous than his father remains to be seen, and viewers will have to tune in later this month to find out more.

Season 1 of Vikings: Valhalla will premiere on Netflix on February 25, 2022.

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