Vikings Season 5: Why Ivar The Boneless sacrifice is not who you think

Ivar the Boneless sacrifice
Ivar The Boneless becomes a mad king in Vikings Season 5. Pic credit: History

In Vikings Season 5 Episode 13, Ivar The Boneless has lost his mind and his evil wife Freydis seems to be pulling the strings. The episode ends in a cliffhanger as Ivar declares himself a god and prepares to make a human sacrifice.

So, it begs the question: who does Ivar sacrifice at the end of the episode? The events of the episode will lead viewers to draw the conclusion that Ivar will probably sacrifice his brother Hvitserk. However, that will be too obvious.

A scene in the episode shows The Seer lying down during the sacrifice only to jump out of bed, further teasing that the sacrifice may be someone important. It may also indicate that The Seer himself is the sacrifice, which will make sense if Ivar wanted to prove he is a god.

In the teaser for Vikings Season 5 episode 14: The Lost Moment, it suggests that Ivar is going to pull a fast one on the people of Kattegat. In the teaser he yells “People of Kattegat, we have a great sacrifice. This is Lagertha.”

However, Lagartha is in Wessex with Heahmund along with Bjorn and Ubbe. The Seer also seemingly screams “No!” in reaction to the sacrifice. This could all be clever editing and we will have to tune in next week to find out who Ivar chooses to sacrifice.

There are two episodes left in Vikings Season 5 with the finale airing on Wednesday, December, 26 on History.

Vikings airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on History.

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