Victoria Caputo ‘weight gain’ bullying: Theresa Caputo says daughter’s online ordeal ‘hurt me too’

Theresa Caputo in a Long Island Medium confessional
Theresa Caputo is saddened by Victoria’s treatment. Pic credit: TLC

Long Island Medium discusses a heavy topic tonight. Aside from the bachelorette party reading that was shown in a sneak peek, Theresa Caputo and her daughter Victoria have a heart to heart about what has been happening. What the reality star learns about her daughter’s struggles may just break your heart too.

Tonight, Victoria Caputo opens up to her mom about online bullying and how it has affected her. Over the summer, the Long Island Medium’s daughter was being harassed online because of her weight gain. People started pointing it out to her and from there, it escalated.

Victoria Caputo did acknowledge that she had put on some weight and realized she was not comfortable in her skin. Unfortunately, that didn’t deter the online bullying. After last week’s sneak peek aired following the show, fans flocked to Instagram to support Caputo.

Now, Theresa Caputo is opening up about how her daughter’s battle with online bullying affected her too. The Long Island Medium star posted her feelings on Instagram attached to a photo of her and Victoria.

In a sneak peek for tonight’s episode, the mother and daughter duo discuss what has been happening. Victoria tells the Long Island Medium about what has been happening. With all of the other things going on in their lives, the mean-spirited comments were definitely not welcomed.

It looks like Victoria is in a good place right now. She has shared several photos on both her personal Instagram and her work Instagram indicating she is happy.

Long Island Medium airs Monday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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