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Vet Gone Wild’s Chris Brown: Everything you need to know

Chris Brown on Vet Gone Wild
Chris Brown with an Asian elephant on Animal Planet’s Vet Gone Wild

Animal lovers in the U.S. finally get to see one of the world’s most exciting vets in action now that Animal Planet has premiered the reality documentary Vet Gone Wild, starring Dr. Chris Brown.

What can you expect to see on Vet Gone Wild? Shows this season feature Dr. Chris freeing fur seals trapped in fishing line, operating on rhinos in Africa, helping ill wombats in Tasmania, even rescuing dogs from the meat trade in Asia.

Up until now the talented and charismatic veterinarian has starred exclusively on Bondi Vet which airs in Australia. The immense popularity of the show has a lot to do with the exotic locale plus wild animals in need of TLC, but it doesn’t hurt that the gifted host has a knack for entertaining commentary while being easy on the eyes helps, too!

Who is this brilliant doctor with a passion for treating and saving animals in need? Here are a few fast facts to introduce you to Dr. Chris:

Dr. Chris comes by his affinity for animals and nature naturally: he is descended from a long line of veterinarians.

The reality television doctor is best known in his native Australia where the popular series Bondi Vet premiered in 2009.

Dr. Chris also hosts The Open Road with Doctor Chris on CBS, and has appeared on the Australian news program The Project.

The 39-year old Dr. Chris is an intrepid explorer and fans get to see him travel by any means necessary to help rescue animals in need: by boat, by motorcycle, by plane and even on foot!

The Australian’s compassion is without global boundaries: he travels the world in order to help an incredible array of animals from wombats to rhinos.

Even on his downtime Dr. Chris can’t help helping! On one episode of Vet Gone Wild, Dr. Chris stops filming in Fiji in order to attend to a sick, stray dog.

In his own words, Dr. Chris sums up his goal: “My mission is clear. Make a difference to the lives of animals that would otherwise have no-one. What’s not clear is how we get to some of the most remote and spectacular places on the planet. And that’s why this is such an adventure.”

Vet Gone Wild airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. on Animal Planet.

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