Veronica loses it in Bridezillas meltdown

RunawayZilla Veronica
RunawayZilla Veronica

RunawayZilla Veronica finally loses it big style as she struggles to sort out her big day on Bridezillas.

Just hours before Veronicas wedding is due to start, the bride-to-be is having a bit of a breakdown. Following the news that the rings are missing, she sets herself down on the grass and has a bit of a rant.

She tells her bridesmaid Ursula that she’s given up. Using her phone Veronica records a message to herself, saying: “This is worst mistake of your life. The next time you have this bright idea to spend thousands of dollars on a f****** wedding…DON’T!”

RunawayZilla Veronica
RunawayZilla Veronica looks like she’s given up on getting married

However, Ursula is hoping that with a couple of glasses of wine and some cheering up, that Veronica will make it down the aisle!

Luckily Veronica’s mom is on hand to sort everything out, with a no-nonsense attitude and a cheeky sense of humor, she tells her daughter to drop the sad face and smile.

Also on this episode, CakeZilla Paige’s preparations go awry when a rehearsal dinner goes pear-shaped as alcohol fuels a long-running family feud!

Bridezillas: Cake Zilla & Runaway Zilla airs at 10:00 PM ON WEtv

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