Vanna White has yet to finalize contract weeks before Wheel of Fortune’s return

Vanna White still hasn’t signed her Wheel of Fortune contract. Pic credit: ©

Wheel of Fortune’s return to weeknight television is weeks away, but Vanna White is still working on securing her contract.

Vanna has been co-hosting Wheel of Fortune for over 40 years, and the veteran tile-turner is reportedly involved in a contractual deadlock ahead of the show’s September 2023 return.

As The Daily Mail reports, Vanna is still fighting for a higher-paying salary while negotiating with network executives.

As Vanna works to iron through some issues in her contract, the outlet’s insider tells them, “Vanna and the producers are currently on a similar page and want to get a deal done, but they both have a few hiccups to still clear through.”

“They both know they have a lot of time to do it and more discussions to be had, but everyone wants something achieved and wouldn’t want Pat’s last year hampered by the constant news of the revolving contract dispute drama,” the insider continued.

“They want to celebrate this year with little to no drama whatsoever.”

Vanna White is embroiled in intense Wheel of Fortune contract negotiations

Vanna is reportedly looking to cash in big time and wants to be compensated like her co-host, Pat Sajak. In fact, Vanna reportedly wants “the same if not more” than Pat’s Wheel of Fortune salary.

Pat earns $15 million annually for his role as Wheel of Fortune’s host, while Vanna rakes in just a fraction of that at $3 million per year — and hasn’t had a raise in 18 years.

Reportedly, Wheel of Fortune is looking to replace Vanna soon, adding to the other big shakeup within the franchise that saw Pat Sajak being replaced by Ryan Seacrest.

Vanna supposedly isn’t thrilled about Ryan taking over Pat’s position next year and felt “disrespected” by the executives at Wheel of Fortune for not considering her as Pat’s replacement.

Will Vanna be replaced as Wheel of Fortune’s veteran tile-turner?

Vanna has been turning letters and clapping for more than four decades, and with the news that Pat is retiring next year, many longtime Wheel of Fortune fans have wondered whether she’ll be following suit.

There has also been talk of other possible replacements within the Wheel of Fortune. Some Wheel of Fortune fans speculated that Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend, Aubrey Paige Petcosky, is taking over Vanna’s co-hosting role, while others are rooting for Pat’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, to take over the reins.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights on ABC.

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7 months ago

Maggie Sajak should be the co host.