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Unpolished Season 2: Was the show canceled or renewed on TLC?

Lexi Martone on Unpolished.
TLC has yet to renew Unpolished. Pic credit: TLC

Unpolished brought the Martone family to TLC a few weeks ago. The season finale airs tonight and viewers are wondering whether the show will be back for another round, or if it is the end of the road for the beauty gurus from New York.

The Martone family has brought drama to viewers for a few weeks now. Lexi and Bria are sisters who don’t see eye to eye about Matt. As the layers peeled away, and the truths revealed, viewers became invested in what would happen.

On the season finale, Bria Martone is set to marry Matt. They have been back and forth for several years, and he had toddler twin boys who were not hers.

Aside from the children, Lexi Martone had several reasons why she didn’t like her sister’s boyfriend. One of the biggest was the rumor she believes he slept with her mother, Jennifer Martone, back in high school.

At this point, Unpolished has not been canceled or renewed just yet. TLC likes to make viewers wait before they announce what will happen to a show. Early renewal is not typical when dealing with TLC, so no news could still be good news at this point.

Unpolished garnered a lot of attention on social media. From the amazing nail designs Lexi comes up with to the drama Bria’s boyfriend brings to the table, the show has a lot of potential moving forward.

Tonight, viewers learn whether Bria goes through with her Las Vegas wedding to Matt. Her father wants her to return home, but will that be the route she chooses?

A lot has happened in the short amount of time Unpolished has aired on TLC, but the viewers have invested in the Martone family and want to see more.

The Season 1 finale of Unpolished airs tonight at 11/10c on TLC.

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