Underwater dogs photographer Seth Casteel is pet matchmaker in Finding Fido

Finding Fido host Seth Casteel with an under-water dog in one of his trademark images
Finding Fido host Seth Casteel with an underwater dog in one of his trademark images

Photographer Seth Casteel is famous for his incredible images of underwater dogs which captured the public’s imagination.

Now he’s stepped in front of the camera for a new TV series called Finding Fido on Z Living — where he acts as a pet matchmaker, helping people find their ideal dogs.

Watch our exclusive clip below from this week’s episode as Seth helps couple Chris and Kali as they look for a mutt for their young daughter Brooklyn.

Because of Brooklyn, the couple are keen find a dog with a friendly personality and one that will help them stay active amid their busy city lives.

In the clip NYT best-selling author Seth demonstrates how smart a dog called Scottie is, putting him through a cognitive test where he has to get to a treat put behind a windscreen sunshade propped up on the ground.

The test demonstrates Scotty’s impressive problem-solving abilities, as instead of just barging straight through the sunshade he thinks about what he’s going to do first — then walks around it to eat the treat.

Finding Fido features several such behavioural tests which viewers can carry out with their own pets at home.

Watch the full clip below, and tune in tonight for the full episode on Z Living.

Finding Fido airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Z Living

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