Uma Thurman is as bad-ass as we’d all hoped in Bravo’s Imposters

Uma Thurman as Lenny Cohen talking to Maddie in this week's episode of Imposters
Uma Thurman as Lenny Cohen talking to Maddie in this week’s episode of Imposters

Uma Thurman makes her second appearance on Bravo’s Imposters tonight, and her character Lenny Cohen continues to be as bad-ass as we’d all hoped she’ll be.

The Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Star is no stranger to being mean on screen and her new role as Cohen plays on her talents.

Imposters follows the story of con-woman Maddie who tricks people into falling in love with her to then rob them of everything.

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In her second appearance — after her arm-breaking debut on last week’s episode — Thurman’s character turns up at Maddie (Inbar Levi)’s apartment to set things straight after she starts getting closer to her newest mark Patrick (Stephen Bishop).

In the clip below, Maddie is left startled after Thurman manages to get inside Maddie’s apartment, and isn’t standing for any s*** — telling Maddie: “Take a bite of your omelette. You’re just a tiny little thing aren’t you.”

She adds: “You asked me how I got in. Hmmm. You know perfectly well that how I got in here is irrelevant, because here I am. Why I’m here, now that’s your real concern.”

Maddie says she isn’t sure, and tells her that while Gary Heller (Aaron Douglas) is “coming along”, he’s proving more challenging than they’d expected.

She adds: “He’s got a temper, let me tell you. But I have a calming effect on him which is kind of the angle I was taking rather than just the obvious seduction you know…”

Cohen then butts in and says: “I’ve changed my mind — stop talking.” She repeats: “Why am I here?”

Maddie says: “I don’t know…does it have something to do with Max or Sally? I mean everyone seems to be on edge.”

Cohen says: “No, no…Maddie? Tell me about Patrick…”

Imposters airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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