Ultimate Ninja Challenge exclusive sees one team chugging moss water

Tonight on Discovery, a new series will challenge the physical limits a human can endure and the faces of disgust they can make navigating all sort of wilderness hacks.

The Madeley Wetlands are where one team of Ultimate Ninja Challenge are dropped into in a bid to survive as this extreme environment has little to offer, least of which is potable fresh water.

On this series, the nine warriors are grouped into threesomes and dropped into the following British Columbia  (Canada) locations. Tantalus Glacier has Guy Higgins, Peter Leung, and Justine Kish. Madeley Wetlands sees our moss finders Dan Shrigley, Danielle Martin, JD (Josh) Caputo. And Dione Lake has Josh Tyler, Rob Verhelst, and Sean Tremblay.

In our exclusive clip, JD, Danielle, and Dan are trying to sort their immediate issue, finding drinkable water.

An unlikely source? Moss.

Both JD and Dan find clumps of moss saturated with water as we learn that moss contains high levels of iodine, enough to kill off most microbes, making it a lucky find for the three contestants.

But the look on Danielle’s face says a thousand words, she will need more convincing. A lot more.

Danielle Martin
Danielle is being sold on the potable nature of moss water, and she’s not quite sure

In a moment ahead of the moss find, she says: “We haven’t had any water this whole time…if we can’t find fresh water then we’re going to run into a problem.”

After JD and Dan show her the fortuitous discovery of a plant that grows in estuaries and swampy environments, they assure her that the moss’s proximity away from the shoreline will lessen the chances of them getting a debilitating case of dysentery.

Dysentery is no joke. More than a case of diarrhea, the shigella bacteria (shigellosis) or an amoeba can wreak havoc for weeks. Dysentery brings abdominal pain, cramps, fever, and the feeling you have been run over by a truck.
Prompt medical care is necessary and requires rehydration solutions, IV fluids, and antibiotics.

The very first mission for the three teams of warriors is to chronicle their initial reaction as they are plunged into harsh and uninviting environments for an intense first experience of surviving “like the ancient Ninja.”

Who knew that the ancient Ninja were also survivalists? According to Ancient-Origins, the ninjas had all the survival bases covered.

“Deadly mercenary spies of the Sengoku period in 15th century feudal Japan were highly skilled in espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare. But underlying their weapons and combat training, an ancient set of nine secret hand signs were believed to make ninjas super ninjas!”

Split into three groups, these hardy survivalists are air-dropped into extreme Canadian terrains: A frozen glacier, a freezing cold swamp, and windy cold mountainside and must immediately square their water, food supplies and build a shelter to endure overnight.

Can they overcome the environmental odds so that they can survive the Ultimate Ninja Challenge?

Ultimate Ninja Challenge premieres Sunday, August 5 at 10 pm ET/PT on Discovery

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