Strange lights and sounds in Namibian ghost town on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

Josh Gates' Destination Truth
Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth, Josh and the team head to the African country of Namibia to investigate some strange lights and sounds being reported in a ghost town.

Kolmanskop lies in the deserts of southern Namibia about ten miles from the coast and used to be a thriving town, built up upon the discovery of diamonds nearby.

However, by the 1930s things went into decline as the diamond field became exhausted and by the 1950s the town had been abandoned. The desert soon moved in and the now the town is host to the more adventurous tourists who want to experience and photograph this unique place.

Josh and the team are interested in the reports of odd sounds coming from the town and also the many strange lights that have been reported. Just people’s imagination running away with them or something else?

Later the team head to Panama, where they are searching for an unidentified creature that locals claim to have spotted living in the nearby cave.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth airs on Fridays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel. 

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