Tyler Perry gets a new toy on Science Channel’s DRONED

Tyler Perry on Science Channel's DRONED
Tyler Perry with Ryan as he prepares to see his new toy on Science Channel’s DRONED tonight

Tonight on Science Channel’s DRONED, Tyler Perry checks out a new toy — a drone that works as both a quadcopter and a radio-controlled airplane.

Similar to versions in the military, the super-high-spec gift is brought round by Pigeon Vision co-owner Ryan Haake who tells Tyler: “I’ve got a little present for you. I know I’ve been talking to you about this for a while.”

Tyler — who is a massive RC fan — responds, laughing: “Yeah. I’ve been hearing about it for a long time, Ryan.”

Ryan says he’s finally there to deliver and explains how the drone is inspired by the V-22 Osprey military aircraft which can take off and land vertically like a helicopter then transition into normal flight like an airplane.

Tyler is stunned when he sees it, saying: “This is insane. This is really cool.”

The design is based around ArduPilot QuadPlane, while it’s piloted using Pixhawk flight controllers. The plane is the RMRC Anaconda.

Also on tonight’s Droned double bill, drones are used to film the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed motorsport event, and the show checks out paintball-shooting predator drones.

Droned airs Fridays starting at 6/5c on Science Channel.

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