Tyler Crispen on Big Brother 20: Everything you need to know

Tyler Crispen
Tyler Crispen reveals his strategy to win Big Brother 20 during the cast interview with Ross Mathews

Tyler Crispen is a 23-year old lifeguard from Hilton Head, SC. As one of the 16 cast members announced to compete for $500,000 on Big Brother 20, Tyler is clearly a superfan and knows all about many of the previous masterminds in Big Brother history.

Tyler named Victor Arroyo, Dan Gheesling, and Zach Rance as the Big Brother cast members he liked the most from previous seasons. All three were great game players and had a huge influence on their respective seasons. Tyler’s knowledge of the game may just give him a huge advantage.

It didn’t take long for Tyler Crispen to start drawing comparisons to Big Brother alum Frank Eudy. Both men are from the Carolinas (Frank is from North Carolina) and both sport a big blond head of curls.

Tyler Crispen on Big Brother 20
Tyler Crispen in his official Big Brother 20 cast photo

It’s not really clear if the Tyler Crispen-Frank Eudy comparisons will stop there or if he’ll go on to be a fan favorite as well. It’s very likely that Tyler will be pretty popular.

As far as strategy goes, Tyler may have presented the best plan we’ve seen yet. When asked how he plans to win Big Brother 20, Tyler Crispen says he plans to make nice with someone who is not like him at all and then divide the house with himself on one side and his “friend” on the other in an effort to gain intel on the other side. Sounds genius, right?

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. 

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