Twitter reacts to the latest Married at First Sight episode: Is Michael a liar and what’s up with Brandon’s swimsuit?

The Married at First Sight drama started 30 minutes before the end of the episode, and Twitter went wild. Pic credit: Lifetime

Another episode of Married at First Sight aired, and the drama waited until the end to begin. Viewers saw the couples spend their first morning together, visit with their new inlaws, and then start their honeymoons.

Twitter saw everything go down and of course, had lots to say about it. From the wake-ups and Brandon’s swimsuit to Mindy’s lack of a shower, Twitter didn’t miss a thing.

The couples woke up together, and we learned that Meka is not a breakfast person. Some people don’t agree with her lack of enthusiasm.

Brandon gave his new bride Taylor, a beautiful gift, from Tiffany’s at that.

Next came the in-law’s brunch. Some of those interactions were pretty easy and sweet (hello Derek asking for Katie’s dad’s permission), but some were pretty intense.

Taylor’s family was not here for Brandon’s awkwardness. The Twitter fans were not here for Taylor’s family.

Mindy’s bridesmaids also gave Zach the third degree. But Twitter liked their line of questioning.

Apparently, folks believe Zach doesn’t have the best of intentions when it comes to Mindy.

Then the couples found out they were going to Panama on the honeymoon. After Derek and Katie exchanged numbers, the couples prepared to leave. Cue the record scratching because Brandon pulled out a speedo type swimsuit. Twitter immediately did what Twitter does.

The couples hit Panama, and they all got to arrive together. After some celebratory champagne, Mindy lets us know that there’s some drama with Meka and Michael.

Then Meka reads Michael for absolute filth. According to her, she got a sex ultimatum from him, and he is different on camera than he is off-camera. Twitter also read Michael for filth.

Michael ended up getting another room for the night. Where are the experts?

The drama didn’t end there, though. Zach and Mindy weren’t as solid as everyone thought. She tried to talk to Zach, and he told her not to talk to him while he washes his face.

Mindy then started questioning the whole relationship — all two days of it. Then Zach thought Mindy was nasty for not showering before bed. His words were, “I’m not cuddling with oil.” Uh oh.

Mindy ends up walking the hallways because Zach told Mindy that he wasn’t attracted to her and asked what she planned to do about that. She looked hurt, and Twitter was mad.

Some of the couples are already in trouble on day two. These honeymoons should be really interesting.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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