Twitter is heated Yamen sent Alana packing on Love Island USA

Yamen sent Alana packing on Love Island USA
Twitter is mad Yamen didn’t choose Alana on Love Island USA. Pic Credit: CBS

Last night on Love Island USA, Yamen sent Alana packing when he decided to recouple with Christen. Twitter is heated about his choice, with Yamen becoming “enemy number one” on social media.

Life can change in an instant in the Love Island USA villa, and no one knows that better than Alana. She went from feeling confident with Yamen to packing her bags in a little over one day.

Even though she won the ridiculous superhero competition by saving Yamen in the most dramatic fashion, Alana still got the boot. Her last-ditch effort of jumping into Yamen’s arms and planting a big seductive smooch on him was even a bust.

Twitter has some thoughts on Yamen kicking Alana to the curb. They were considered a rock-solid couple with endgame potential until Christen set her sights on him.

Fans are dying to know when they can vote the first couple off the show because Yamen and his new choice are at the top of the list. Fans honestly don’t care who he is with. Twitter commenters simply want Yamen ousted from the villa.

Several users are also hoping Yamen gets a dose of his own medicine and Christen leaves him in the dust during the next recoupling.

Yamen went from one of the favorite guys on the show to the most hated with one move. The anger is more about the fans love for Alana than their dislike for him.

The girl is going to be pleasantly surprised at how many men will be knocking down her door when she gets home. Fans love Alana.

Twitter is already flooded with guys asking her to DM them. She will have no problem finding love.

Social media is furious Alana was sent home so Yamen could have a shot with Christen on Love Island USA.

What do you think? Did Yamen make the right choice, or should he have tried harder with Alana?

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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