Twitter doesn’t quite know what to make of The Gong Show and its host

Mike Myers as Tommy Maitland standing next to a cake-eating opera singer on The Gong Show
“Tommy Maitland”, right, and the cake-eating opera singer on last night’s The Gong Show

ABC’s revamped version of The Gong Show aired its second episode last night — and continues to fill viewers with a mixture of rapture and bemusement.

The first aired from 1976 to 1980 and then again in 1988 and 1989, along with several later incarnations, before being revamped by ABC for its 2017 Summer Fun & Games season.

It sees various wacky acts compete against each other each episode for a prize of $2,000 and 17 cents. At any time the judges can hit a big bong to bring the acts to an end.

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Last night’s episode included a zombie ballet and an opera singer who sang while performing gymnastics and eating cake, while the premiere included a bagpipe-playing yeti.

The Opera Eater - The Gong Show

Adding to the bizarreness is the host, “British comedian and ladies man” Tommy Maitland. Although it isn’t really “Tommy Maitland” at all, but rather Austin Powers star Mike Myers dressed up in a vast amount of make-up and prosthetics.

This has never been acknowledged by ABC or anyone on the show, however, and “Maitland” even has his own bio page on the ABC website.

The whole thing has left some viewers more than baffled.

However, other fans gave it a glowing endorsement.

This person also made a good point:

Meanwhile, not everyone appears to have cottoned on to the whole Mike Myers as Tommy Maitland thing…

The Gong Show airs Thursdays at 10/9c.

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