Trump’s gold-plated helicopter on CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Donald Trump's helicopter
Donald Trump’s helicopter which features on Secret Lives of the Super Rich

On Secret Lives of the Super Rich on CNBC tonight, we get a peak at Donald Trump’s personal gold-plated helicopter.

The Republican nominee bought the Sikorsky S-76 for an estimated $5million-$7million, but then had it totally stripped out and upgraded including interior detailing coated in 24-carat cold.

It’s thought the revamp job will have cost him another $1million dollars.

The Sikorsky S-76 is known as the “Bentley of helicopters”, but the standard issue interior wasn’t good enough for the Donald, who also has a Boeing 757 jet.

The inside was redone by aircraft interior makeover specialist Eric Roth of International Jet Interiors, and even had the interior kitted out with water bottles with Trump’s face on it.

Interior of Donald Trump's helicopter
The interior of Donald Trump’s helicopter with gold-plated detailing after the makeover
Water bottles with Trump's face on
Water bottles inside Trump’s renovated chopper, which have his face on the label

Roth told how it would cost around the same as buying two new Rolls-Royce cars to kit out the interior like Trump wanted it.

He said: “When I got a call from the owner I hadn’t spoken to him in two years since we did his Boeing, and he said, ‘Eric can you come down, I want to meet with you. I’m buying a new helicopter and I want you to outfit it.’

“I said, ‘well, what does it look like?’. He said, ‘That’s why we’re meeting.’.

As well as things like 24-carat gold cup-holders and light fixtures, the helicopter also has the Trump family crest emblazoned on interior woodwork with 24-carat gold leafing.

Also on tonight’s same episode Secret Lives of the Super Rich, we also get a look around the reputed most expensive house in America — Le Palais Royal.

The mansion in Florida costs around $159million and comes with gold front doors.

We also get to check out a pimped up football helmet that’s covered in diamonds and gold, a $200million super yacht, a Lamborghini that costs half a million dollars and some incredibly expensive desserts.

Tonight’s Trump episode will also be followed by three more half-hour episodes of Secret Lives of the Super Rich, which includes a $2.5million gold watch and a huge mansion that’s under the ground.

Four episodes of Secret Lives of the Super Rich air tonight from 7pm through 9pm on CNBC.

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