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Thomas Randolph hired hitman to kill his wife Sharon Causse, he then shot the hitman: On The Case With Paula Zahn is on ID

Mugshot of Thomas Randolph
Thomas Randolph was sentenced to death.  Pic credit: Nevada Dept. of Corrections

In 2008 Thomas Randolph told Las Vegas police officers that he had come home to find his wife Sharon lying dead on their hallway floor. He then came upon an intruder in a black ski mask, and in an act of self-defense, he shot the man dead.

Months passed by as Randolph became a secluded figure, seemingly grief-stricken at the loss of his wife; Sharon had been his sixth wife, and he had been bereaved before.

However, police were bothered by inconsistencies in Randolph’s story. They also noticed the stark similarities between these two Las Vegas deaths and the death of Randolph’s second wife, Becky Gault, in Utah in 1986. Randolph had been put on trial for Becky’s murder, but he was acquitted after her death was ruled a suicide.

Investigators kept digging and kept pulling threads on Randolph’s story. Eventually, they got to the truth, what happened on the night of Sharon’s death turned out to be a devious plan by her husband. Randolph had hired hitman Michael James Miller and had given him instructions to kill his wife. When Sharon had been killed, Randolph then turned a firearm on Miller.

Police believe the primary motivation was financial greed; Randolph pocketed roughly $500,000 in life insurance on Becky’s death, and he received a further payout of $360,000 on Sharon’s death.

The death of a third wife is regarded as also being suspicious. Francis Gaskin died in a hospital bed after heart surgery; her daughter claims that Randolph would not allow her to see her mother in the hospital and that he was the last person to see her alive.

An autopsy was never done, Randolph had the body cremated within 24 hours, and again, he walked away with a large life insurance payout.

Randolph was eventually found guilty of murdering Michael Miller and of conspiracy to commit murder in the case of Sharon Causse. He was sentenced to death.

The Hero Who Wasn't

It was 8:47 pm on the evening of May 8th, 2008 when the Las Vegas Metro Police received a 911 call from a local resident. The panicked man, 53-year-old Tom Randolph said that he and his wife Sharon had walked into a robbery in progress in their home. Tom said his wife had been shot and that he had responded to the intruder with deadly force. When police arrived, they found Sharon’s attacker lying dead in their garage. Sharon had also been killed during the furious shoot out. Investigators believed that the tragedy was an open and shut case. Tom had justifiably killed the man who shot his wife to death. But as they dug deeper into the unusual homicide, they quickly found nothing about the case was what it appeared to be. Would the brutal shooting reveal the secrets of several past murders? "The Hero Who Wasn't" premieres this Sunday night at 10 pm/ 9c on Investigation Discovery!

Posted by Paula Zahn on Thursday, January 16, 2020

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