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Murder of Lynnann Greene by Sharon Halstead who thought she was possessed by demons: Watch the case on ID

David and Lynnann Greene
David and Lynnann Greene were shot in their home; their killer believed demons possessed them. Pic credit: Family photo

In the 1980s, the Halstead and Greene families were members of an Adventist off-shoot group in Grants Pass, Oregon. They believed that angels spoke to individual members of their families. In November 1989, Sharon Halstead decided that the angels wanted her to kill people.

Sharon believed her 9-year-old son Leo Shively was being spoken to by an angel who would tell him when a person was “totaled,” meaning demons had possessed them. They named the entity speaking to Leo the Naked Truth. Death was apparently the only way to cure those who had been totaled.

On November 5th, Sharon, with her two sons Leo and Harry, 12, and her sister Deborah, entered the home of David and Lynnann Greene with the intention of killing them and their 2-year-old son Nathaniel. Sharon shot David, who managed to escape to a neighbor, she then shot Lynnann and Nathaniel who was sat in his high chair.

Lynnann died at the scene, Nathaniel survived but was permanently paralyzed from the chest down. David recovered after receiving surgery.

Police later learned that a few days previously, the Naked Truth had informed Leo that the men of Clackamas County ranch had been possessed. This led to Sharon shooting dead ranch hand Marston Lemke, 58; she then stole his truck with horse and trailer.

Later Sharon said she feared her sons and her sister would be ″totaled″ if she failed to carry out the killings.

Sharon Halstead pleaded guilty to two charges of aggravated murder and two charges of attempted murder; she received a sentence of 75 years. Sister Deborah was charged with conspiracy to murder; she has since been released from prison.

Sharon’s sons Leo and Harry were placed into social care and were brought up in various treatment facilities.

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