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Murder of 17-year-old Jessica Witt by killer boyfriend William Patrick Alexander

William "Patrick" Alexander on a motorbike
William “Patrick” Alexander remains in prison for murder. Pic credit: Family photo

Evil Lives Here examines the case of William “Patrick” Alexander, who started falling off the rails at the tender age of 11 when family and teachers noticed his behavior took a turn for the worse. At 17, he was imprisoned for aggravated robbery; he and accomplices had tied their victims up at gunpoint and robbed them.

At age 19, he committed murder. While serving a life sentence, he still managed to find a way to torment his mother, Joyce, and the rest of the family.

In January 1992, 19-year-old Alexander was out on parole when he stole his girlfriend’s grandfather’s credit card in Dallas, Texas. He used the card to pay for a trip to California and racked up a bill of $8000. After becoming concerned that his girlfriend, 17-year-old Jessica Witt, was going to snitch on him, he decided to kill her.

The murder of Jessica Witt

Jessica Witt
William Patrick Alexander murdered Jessica Witt in 1992. Pic credit: Family photo

He picked up Jessica one night from her apartment on the pretense of them going to see a man who would give Alexander money to pay back her grandfather. They drove out to a secluded area near Forth Worth, where Alexander shot Jessica twice in the face. He buried her body in a nearby shallow grave.

Incredibly, he returned that night to Jessica’s apartment, where he stayed all night explaining to her terrified roommate precisely what he had done, including showing her the gun he’d used. When he finally left at 6 am the following morning, the roommate dialed 911, and Alexander was promptly arrested.

Without knowing the location of Jessica’s remains, the police were unable to charge him with murder, but they were able to hold him for a parole violation.

This all changed, however, when Alexander obligingly phoned a friend and told them the location of the remains. Fearing the police were getting close to finding Jessica’s body, he had hoped the friend would rebury her, unfortunately for Alexander, he informed the police.

Alexander was sentenced to life in prison.

Alexander enacts twisted revenge on mother Joyce

Alexander seems to have harbored resentment towards his mother, Joyce, about how his life turned out. From his prison cell, Alexander managed to elicit the help of a friend, Kenneth Hamilton, to exact some kind of revenge. Joyce rented a room to Hamilton without realizing that he was friends with her killer son.

Hamilton then proceeded to steal from Joyce and her mother. He also began an affair with her other son’s wife, and eventually, in 2006, he threatened her other son with a gun. Hamilton was finally sent to prison for possession of a firearm. Joyce believes that the eventual goal of Hamilton and her imprisoned son was supposed to be her death.

Joyce Alexander now retains a Texas attorney who has been tasked with keeping her younger son William Patrick in prison every time a parole hearing approaches. They have so far been successful.

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  1. I’ve seen the episode, and poor Joyce, who is an articulate intelligent woman SHOULD be frightened! I can’t believe Texas would even entertain the thought of paroling such a felon. I don’t care about over-crowding or reformation. Psychopaths are very good at playing any part to get to their desired end. God bless you Joyce, I will pray for you and your family.

    • I so agree & I pray that there are still ppl that will stand up against his parole hearing this October 2021…I wish I could or lived close enough to Texas but surely officers of this board won’t be fooled by such a physopath as William Patrick Alexander…all his mom Joyce did was love him & provide as best as possible for such a mean & unlovable kid as he! And Joyce where ever you are, God be with you & the rest of your family…you are in my prayers ? ❤

  2. I live in Texas and can almost guarantee he will never get out. This state is not exactly know for leniency. Good thing too – this guy is a monster.

    • He hadn’t murdered at that point in his life. He had only robbed people with weapons. He had done time in prison for aggravated assault and robbery. Then he went back to prison for killing Jessica Witt.💔

  3. Is anyone feeling that the mom has strong narcissistic vibes and highly critical since early childhood; not excusing actions but might explain Alexander’s behaviour?

    • No. Not at all. Dealing with a psycho and the aftermath doesn’t make her
      narcissistic at all. Just trying to cope.
      HE on the other hand is an incredible narcissist as are all psychopaths.

    • Yes, from early on she uses direct NPD language about herself and her son. Even after his horrible crime she continues to praise and cut him down. I would’ve never guessed she was ever married by her phrasing. Seems males are of very little importance unless they lend to her covert martyrdom and specialness. That doesn’t at all excuse her son committing murder but if he ever felt good enough, truly heard, emotionally supported, physically safe or unconditionally loved in that home I’d be very surprised.

      • A – like others that criticize her, you show your ignorance of being in this situation. You obviously don’t have a violent, sociopathic son. Well, I do. You criticize her for being honest and telling the truth. You don’t have a clue. We need people like her and another mom, J Avsenew, to be part of helping psychologists and law enforcement come up with realistic residential ’pre-prison’ programs that have mental health components plus strong males to keep the staff, and us, safe. Get real, A; you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • You obviously don’t have a son that’s a sociopath. I do. She did the only things she could do. Don’t be so quick to criticize or defend someone that’s in a situation you can’t even begin to imagine.


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