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Joshua Hudnall death: ID pays tribute to tormented son featured on Evil Lives Here after 2018 passing

Joshua Hudnall
Investigation Discovery paid tribute to Joshua Hudnall, whose story was featured on Evil Lives Here. Pic credit: Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery has paid tribute to Joshua Hudnall, who featured on a recent episode of Evil Lives Here, after hearing news of his passing.

The network posted a heartfelt message on Twitter about his death, which occurred in 2018 — before he was able to see his story told on TV.

The network said: “We were sad to learn that Joshua Hudnall, who told his emotional, heartfelt story on last Sunday’s #EvilLivesHere, passed away in 2018. Our thoughts are with Joshua’s loved ones.”

No further details were revealed by Investigation Discovery about his passing or his cause of death.

Josh appeared on the Evil Lives Here episode Let Her Rot, where he discussed the harrowing events that led up to the death of his 54-year-old father, William Arnold Hudnall.

While Joshua was overseas in the United States military, his sister, Guenevere Hudnall, and his mother, Stephanie Hudnall, concocted a plan to murder his father to receive benefits from the government.  

The mobile home they were living in was under foreclosure, and they needed money.

On June 9, 2011, Stephanie drove her daughter to her estranged husband’s home in Hawthorne, Florida.

When he fell asleep, Guenevere took a pickax and struck her father in the head and chest until he was dead.

Stephanie and Guenevere were convicted of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder.

They were each sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Stephanie and Guenevere Hudnall photo
Stephanie Hudnall, left, and Guenevere Hudnall, right, the mother and daughter convicted of murdering William Arnold Hudnall. Pic credit: Alachua County Jail

Joshua was stunned after learning his mother and sister murdered his father.

However, he believed it was his mother’s idea to kill William and she convinced his sister to do it.

Throughout his childhood, Joshua said Stephanie was manipulative, fabricated stories of abuse, and even tried to attack him with a knife, but he never thought she would murder his father.

Joshua was close to William and never had a good relationship with his mother. He stated that at one point in time, his father was his only friend.

Before his death, he visited Stephanie and Guenevere in jail in hopes of finding out why they killed his dad, but they didn’t give him a motive.

It wasn’t until he watched Guenevere’s interrogation video that he found out why they did it.

Evil Lives Here airs at 9pm on Investigation Discovery.

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  1. I was so impressed by Joshua’s ability to refrain from any acts of violence towards his mother. Thar took immense self control. I would like to thank him for his service to the USA. I was very sad to hear of his passing as he seemed like a wonderful man who deserved a real chance of happiness. I believe he would have found it, Rest in peace Joshua.

  2. i was so sad to hear joshua had passed i hoped to hear in the end he got married and found happiness i would really like to know what happened to him in the end rip and would also thank him for his service.

  3. So sad to learn of Joshua’s passing. I wish he would have gotten a chance at true happiness. Rest in peace young man. I hope you are with your father now.

  4. I’m learning today (09/08/2020) that he passed away. He appeared to be a good young man, indeed.
    He certainly deserved a better destiny. Rest in peace, Josh with your father by the side of God.

  5. I just seen this story with tears. He thought being in Iraq than his childhood! Wow, what a mom to be so manipulative. I’ve missed mine since I was 12. Anyway so sad Joshua in his little time on this earth in USA he had to go thru so much trials and Tribulations. I know our lord has a great place for and his Dad, he now gets to spend the rest of his life with. But, such a soft spoken young man he seemed like a stand up young man to me. RIP Joshua Michael Hundall.


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