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Disappearance of 5-year-old LeeAnna Warner examined by People Magazine Investigates

LeeAnna Warner at 5 and age-progressed to 15
LeeAnna Warner at age 5 and then aged-progressed to how she may have looked at age 15 in 2013. Pic credit: Chisholm Police Depart.

People Magazine Investigates the tragic disappearance of LeeAnna Warner, who vanished as she was walking near her home in Chisholm, Minnesota, in 2003.

LeeAnna was just 5-years-old when her parents suffered the ultimate nightmare when their daughter failed to return home. She has never been found, and the police have assumed that she was probably abducted and likely murdered.

On the afternoon of June 14, 2003, LeeAnna asked her mom, Kaelin Warner, if she could visit her friend, who lived a block and a half away. According to Kaelin, her daughter had made this trip by herself on numerous occasions, without any problems. Unfortunately, this time she failed to come home again.

A frantic search uncovered a pair of her shoes lying in front of her friend’s home, but no sign of the little girl herself. Tragically, there had been nobody home at LeeAnna’s friend’s house when she arrived, so the police believe she began walking home again and was then snatched off the sidewalk.

Suspects in LeeAnna Warner case

The investigators came up with several suspects; one of whom, Matthew James Curtis from Chisholm, was arrested two months later on a charge of possessing child pornography and was subsequently interrogated over LeeAnna’s disappearance.

Curtis was found dead the following month, having suffocated himself with a plastic bag in an apparent suicide. It was the day before he was due to appear in court. His suicide fueled suspicions that he may have murdered LeeAnna; however, no evidence was ever found to connect him to the case.

Before LeeAnna vanished, her parents told the police of an occasion when she was given toys by “a little lady,” which led to a theory that she may have been lured away. But once again, nothing came of these investigations.

Numerous members of the public have also come forward claiming to have seen various unfamiliar men and vehicles in the area prior to LeeAnna’s disappearance. The police were provided with some descriptions, but unfortunately, no solid leads came out of any of these mysterious sightings.

LeeAnna Warner’s family have not given up hope that they may still find out what happened to their little girl.

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