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Did Lowell ‘Ed’ Amos murder his 3 wives and his mother? A Christmas Party Murder Mystery on Investigation Discovery

Mugshot of Lowell Ed Amos
Lowell Ed Amos was convicted of premeditated murder. Pic credit: Michigan Dept. of Corrections

The death of Roberta Amos in 1994 at first appeared to be a tragic accident, an overdose on cocaine after a Christmas party; however, once the police began to delve into the past of her husband, Lowell, they discovered he’d left a trail of death in his wake.

Lowell told police that after the Christmas party, he and his wife had returned to their suite and had sex. He claimed to have gone to sleep, only discovering his wife’s death when he awoke a few hours later. He said that his wife had ingested cocaine through her vagina. An autopsy later found that Roberta had 15 times a lethal dose of the drug in her body.

Police did not have enough tangible evidence, but they were suspicious of Lowell, they started to follow his movements and began to look into his past. He was seen two days after Roberta’s death lavishly spending $1000 on dinner and drinks with two women with whom he proceeded to have sex.

Police then discovered that in 1979 his first wife, Saundra, had died in suspicious circumstances. At the time, Lowell had informed the police that she’d mixed alcohol with drugs and hit her head. He received a $350,000 insurance payout on her death.

A second wife, Carolyn, also died in mysterious circumstances, she was found supposedly electrocuted in the bath. This time Lowell pocketed $800,000 from a life insurance policy. As with Saundra, no official cause of death was actually determined at the time.

While Lowell was living with his mother in 1988, she became ill from an indeterminate illness and died a short time later. Her death, at 76 years old, was ruled to be from natural causes.

By 1996 police haven taken into account Lowell’s murky past felt they had enough evidence to charge him with the murder of his third wife, Roberta. The emergence of a syringe into evidence led police to believe Lowell had injected his wife with the cocaine. Friends had also informed the police that the marriage was in trouble, and Roberta had wanted Lowell gone from her life.

With his expensive suits, flashy Rolex watches, and Cadillac car Lowell seemed to be playing the role of a playboy; however, it appears he was funding his lavish lifestyle through murder.

Lowell Ed Amos was convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

He appealed his conviction in 1998 and although the verdict was affirmed, the appeal court did agree that his financial circumstances had not been properly taken into account when working out the restitution he was due to pay.

Watch A Christmas Party Murder Mystery at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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