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Cosmo DiNardo murdered four men for no apparent reason: ID investigates

Mugshots of Sean Katz and Cosmo DiNardo
Sean Katz (left) and Cosmo DiNardo murdered four young men on DiNardo’s parent’s farm in Pennsylvania. Pic credit: Bucks County Sheriff’s Office

This week on Investigation Discovery, The Lost Boys of Bucks County looks at the chilling murder of four young men at a farm in Solebury Township in Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.

In the first week of July in 2017, Dean Finocchiaro, age 19; Thomas Meo, 21; Jimi T. Patrick, 19; and Mark Sturgis, 22, were all reported missing by their families.

A few days later, Cosmo DiNardo, then aged 20, confessed to police officers that he had murdered and buried all four men at his parent’s farm. He was assisted in three of the murders by his second cousin, Sean Katz.

DiNardo was picked up by police when he attempted to sell Meo’s car. When the police then tracked Finocchiario’s cellphone to the farm, DiNardo agreed to give a full confession.

DiNardo had lured all the men to the farm with the promise of being able to buy marijuana. The first victim was Jimi Patrick, who came to the farm on July 5. After it became clear Patrick didn’t have enough money to purchase the agreed amount of drugs, DiNardo shot him dead.

The second victim, Dean Finocchiaro, was shot two days later by both DiNardo and Katz, in what DiNardo described as a robbery.

Mark Sturgis and Thomas Meo were killed a few hours later when they also turned up to buy marijuana. Meo was still alive after being shot, and as DiNardo had run out of bullets, he ran over him with a backhoe. He buried Sturgis, Meo, and Finocchiaro in the same 12-foot deep grave.

Cosmo DiNardo couldn’t explain why he killed the four men

A motive for the killings has never been adequately determined.

Towards the end of his confession, DiNardo broke down in tears, “I don’t know why I did this s**t man,” he blubbed. “I threw my life away for nothing. My life’s done,” he added, “for nothing.”

Sean Katz claimed he shot Finocchiaro because he was afraid of DiNardo, who had apparently threatened his family.

On May 16, 2016, Cosmo DiNardo entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences.

In November 2019, Sean Kratz was finally found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Finocchiaro; he was also found guilty of manslaughter in the case of Sturgis and Meo. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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The Lost Boys of Bucks County airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

4 thoughts on “Cosmo DiNardo murdered four men for no apparent reason: ID investigates”

  1. Just finished the documentary. Cosmo was one cold blooded killer. I think that when he killed the first person he got a taste of the power trip and wanted more. Killing is a power trip for most of these nut cakes. Cosmo talked about running the guy over as he laid paralyzed with a back ho. Chilling

    • What’s worse is there were two of them involved. I believe a cousin. And yes, the poor kid who saw that backhoe coming at him knowing he could not get out of its way haunts me.

  2. This was huge news up here and yeah Philly is high crime, but this here was in peaceful bucolic farm country north of the city. I go to New Hope all the time for shopping and dining. Who knew these nutjobs were lurking literally just 3 miles down the road.


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