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Cathy and Raul Sarinana sentenced to death for murder of young brothers Conrad and Ricky Morales

Mugshots of Cathy and Raul Sarinana
Raul and Cathy Sarinana were sentenced to death for abusing and murdering Conrad and Ricky Morales. Pic credit: Riverside County Sheriff’s Office

Raul Ricardo Sarinana and Cathy Sarinana spent months abusing their two nephews 14-year-old Conrad and 11-year-old Ricky Morales. In the space of a few months, both boys were murdered.

On Christmas Day 2005, in Corona, California, Raul Ricardo repeatedly kicked Ricky so hard that he died a short time later of his injuries alone in a closet. The boy’s crime had been to throw up his dinner.

Just a few months earlier, Sarinana had also murdered Ricky’s older brother Conrad in their mobile home in Randle, Washington, where the family had lived prior to relocating to Corona.

Conrad and Ricky’s mother had sent them away for a better life

The boys’ mother had sent them to live with the Sarinanas the year before, thinking that they would have a better life with their aunt and uncle. She wanted them removed from her problems with drugs and the law.

The Sarinanas moved to Corona, California, with their two children and Ricky in October 2005. They brought a U-haul full of belongings, which included the remains of Conrad, which were encased in concrete in a trash can.

When police finally went to investigate the home of the Sarinanas, they discovered walls and ceilings covered in splattered blood. Ricky’s emaciated body was found covered with wounds and bruises, some of which were months old.

Police then learned of Conrad, who had been living with the family in Washington but had been reported missing just before they left.

In June 2009, The Sarinanas were sentenced to death in June for torturing and murdering Ricky. Washington state officials decided not to pursue the Sarinanas for killing Conrad in their state as the two killers had already received the death penalty.

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    • ,it says that the Mother had problems with drugs and the law. If I would not have been certain of these people,
      I would have NEVER had my two boys go with people I don’t really know… or possibly doubt…..
      I’m wondering if Raul Sarinara was brother on the dad’s or mom’s side…..hummm….
      ( most Probably on Mother’s Sid4…
      Sorry but this One didnt seem too Responsible …..
      On Investigation Discovery’s episode of ” If I Should die “, we dont see the Mother. We only hear one of Ricky ‘s and Conrad’s Sister …
      Personally, I would have hidden too
      like exactly Mom did… I would feel TERRIBLY GUILTY towards MY OWN SONS’ brutal death ……
      TERRIBLY GUILTY, MOM!!!!!!!!
      How sad can this particular story be……


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