Tristan Thompson on Married at First Sight — Everything we know so far

Tristan Thompson at the alter on Married at First Sight
Tristan Thompson married Mia Bally on Married at First Sight

Tristan Thompson is a 29-year old former basketball player and current owner of several Tutoring Club franchises. Tristan cited his grandparents’ long marriage as something he aspired to when he decided to marry Mia Bally as soon as they met on Married at First Sight.

Things started out great for Tristan, who coincidentally shares his name with another, more famous basketball player. However, a few sideways comments from Tristan coupled with Mia’s shocking arrest as they tried to go on their honeymoon have turned this marriage from fairytale to nightmare real fast.

Let’s start with Tristan’s comments and the backlash that has come from them. Tristan first upset the MAFS crowd after he was seen in the initial interviews, talking about what kind of woman he wants.

Tristan said that he didn’t want a wife who was darker than him, which has earned plenty of criticism as many labeled this as colorism and said that Tristan should have been disqualified for those remarks alone.

Soon after the wedding, when Tristan and Mia finally got a chance to chat, Tristan did it again when he told Mia that he was glad she wasn’t “a biscuit away from 350.” Now plagued with accusations of colorism and fat-shaming, some viewers feel like Tristan is getting exactly what he asked for.

After all, Mia Bally is very slim, beautiful and maybe a half shade lighter than he is but she also has a past that has come back to haunt her right in time for filming.

After learning that Mia’s airport arrest was due to a warrant for stalking and unauthorized use of an access card, Mia told everyone that it was all just a big mixup. After she came clean about Jared Evans actually being an ex-boyfriend and not just some guy she knows through friends, Tristan started to feel betrayed.

Will Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally get a divorce? Or will he continue to be a forgiving man and keep Mia around? After all, she’s not darker than him and not even close to 350.

One of the biggest mysteries that we’re still trying to solve is where are all of these Married at First Sight stars on social media? Typically, we can find the stars of MAFS on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, if not all of them, while the season is still rolling.

This season has been much different as none of the Married at First Sight participants have been active on social media. Those who have accounts have been keeping them private. Good luck getting in!

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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