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Trinity Fatu and Jimmy Uso spice up their sex life with roleplay on Total Divas

Total Divas
Total Divas

This week on Total Divas, Trinity (Naomi) Fatu and Jimmy (Jon) Uso are looking to keep things fresh between the sheets and decide on some roleplaying.

No matter how hot your love life it’s always good to spice things up in the bedroom now and then. Trinity and Jimmy decide to do just that and they are interested in a little bit of roleplaying.

What better way of getting into a sexy character than finding a good outfit to go with it. To that end the couple head to a costume shop, but Trinity is less than impressed with Jimmy’s choice of clothing.

He tries on some 18th Century threads but Trinity is not feeling the sexiness and tells him she’s not trying to get it on with Shakespeare!

Jon is on a roll though and tries out a Prince costume, a slick disco number and even a pimp outfit.

However, none of these are doing it for Trinity and she reckons he’s missed the whole point of it.

We are guessing there will be no roleplaying in the bedroom for a while.

Meantime Brie is finding some inpsiration to revamp her career and Maryse wants to see if Mike can turn vegetarian for a week.

Total Divas airs Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on E!

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