Trick Daddy’s new girlfriend Nikki Natural claims to be celibate — Love & Hip Hop: Miami fans weigh in

Trick Daddy on Love & Hip Hop Miami
Trick Daddy is back for Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Pic credit: VH1

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is back for Season 3 and so is Trick Daddy with a whole new love.

On previous seasons of the show, we’ve seen Trick Daddy resist the end of his relationship and divorce from Joy.

Now, he’s moved on to Nikki Natural but there’s a catch. Nikki has told Trick Daddy that she is celibate, which has put the brakes on their possible love life.

And while he seems to have accepted Nikki’s way of life, many Love & Hip Hop: Miami viewers seem to think there’s something funny going on. It’s even been suggested that Nikki may want all the perks of being in a relationship with the I’m A Thug rapper but that maybe she doesn’t really want to have sex with him.

Others were quick to share their own thoughts on sleeping with Trick Daddy and the consensus seems to be that no one wants to do it.

There were also comments about Nikki Natural’s age, with some suggesting that she looked fresh out of high school. That would be awkward considering that Trick Daddy is 45 years old.

And while Nikki’s age isn’t readily available, it’s been suggested that she may be in her 30s, which makes sense because she has three children, and in 2018 she celebrated her graduation from college.

Nikki Natural is a SoundCloud rapper with a relatively small following. With her appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Miami and her budding albeit celibate relationship with Trick Daddy, many wonder if she’s just dating the iconic rapper as a way to garner more followers for herself.

Or, she may just want to get her hands on some of that delicious looking food that the Love & Hip Hop rapper has been serving up.

We’ve only seen the Season 3 premiere so far so there’s still a whole lot of time to watch Trick Daddy and Nikki Natural’s relationship play out.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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