Treasure Quest exclusive: Hunt begins for elusive Sacambaya treasure, thought to be worth $2BILLION

As seen on Episode 211 of Season 2B’s Treasure Quest: Snake Island.

This season the Treasure Quest team are leaving Snake Island behind and heading to the mountain passes of Bolivia, as they search for the legendary Sacambaya treasure.

Sacambaya has been calling out to treasure hunters for hundreds of years, ever since the legend of the Jesuits’ gold and silver made its way to the ears of some bold European explorers.

Treasure Quest team are headed to Bolivia
The  Treasure Quest team are in search of the Sacambaya treasure in Bolivia. Credit: Discovery Channel

Now the Treasure Quest team are seeking to follow in their footsteps, as treasure hunter Shawn Cowles is joined by tech expert Jeremy Whalen and demolitions man Jack Peters.

Jack Peters on Treasure Quest
Jack Peters is a key member of the Treasure Quest team. Credit: Discovery Channel

The team are hoping to lay their hands on a treasure that is said to have been buried in caves way back in the 1760s by Jesuits, who were being forced to leave the continent by the King of Spain. The wealth this particular Jesuit mission are reported to have hidden would be worth over $2 billion in today’s money.

However, many have tried to find the treasure of Sacambaya and failed. The team do have a leg up in the shape of explorer Johnny Irwin, who has conducted his own research and expeditions in the area. He has some new ideas regards where the caves could be and he’s willing to share the information with the team.

Jeremy Whalen on Treasure Quest
Jeremy Whalen is hoping his skills will prove useful during the expedition. Credit: Discovery Channel

With a host of modern gear, a vast pile of research and a bit of luck this team might just be the one to finally find the treasure.

However, like all the expeditions before them, they will face difficult weather conditions, the hazards of working at altitude, dangerous wild animals, the traps said to have left by the Jesuits and of course the curse on the loot!

Shawn Cowles on Treasure Quest
Shawn Cowles is hopeful they can find the treasure. Credit: Discovery Channel

Will they have any more luck than Cecil Herbert Prodgers, Alan Hillgarth or Percy Harrison Fawcett?

Find out more about the Sacambaya treasure.

Treasure Quest Season 3 premieres tonight, Friday, August 24 at 9/8c on Discovery Channel.

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