Does this secret tunnel system hold $2billion treasure? Treasure Quest team search underground caverns for legendary haul

Treasure Quest Season 3 Episode 2 still
Treasure Quest Season 3 Episode 2 still

The hunt for a suspected $2billion treasure continues tonight on Discovery series Treasure Quest, as the team search a secret underground tunnel system for the legendary haul.

The show is documenting the real-life hunt for the famous Sacambaya treasure, which is thought to lie hidden in the mountain passes of Bolivia and, if traced, would be the biggest treasure find in history.

The search began last week as the team were filmed battling a landslide and the area’s infamous “Death Road”.

Tonight, the group —  led by treasure-hunter Shawn Cowles, tech expert Jeremy Whalen and demolitions man Jack Peters — smash their way into a subterranean cavern network in a bid to trace the treasure.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip from the episode, footage shows Whalen being lowered into the unknown by Peters after the team rig up a safety rope in case the roof of the cave gives way.

Jeremy Whalen is lowered into the cave on Treasure Quest
Jeremy Whalen is lowered into the cave by Jack Peters on Treasure Quest
Jack Peters holds the rope
Peters feeds the rope down to Whalen, who is struggling to see

With just a small entry hole at the surface, light in the cave is minimal and Whalen can be heard struggling to see the floor. Peters continues to lower him, before the rope slackens and it appears that Whalen has touched the ground.

As the cameras film, Peters shouts down into the void: “Can you feel any kind of airflow?” Moving air would signify that they Whalen is in a network of caves as hoped. But when Peters doesn’t hear anything from Whalen response, he starts to get worried.

Peters asks again: “Can you feel any kind of airflow? Jeremy, are you with me. Jeremy?!” Still, no reply. But will Whalen eventually respond, or has the team’s hunt fallen at one of the first hurdles?

Treasure Quest airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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