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Toucan Nation’s uplifting story of brave toucan who had his beak cut off

Toucan Nation
Toucan Nation tells how an act of cruelty inspired an animal rights movement. Credit ZooAve

Toucan Nation tells the uplifting story of Grecia the toucan in Costa Rica, who had his beak cut off in a really horrible attack by vandals.

A badly injured Grecia arrived at the ZooAve Rescue Center with nearly the whole top half of his beak missing.

Grecia's terrible injury
Grecia’s terrible injury. Credit ZooAve

Zoo Ave rescues and reintroduces wild animals that have come under pressure from humans, it is the biggest animal rescue facility in Central America.

Work in progress for this brave toucan
Work in progress for this brave toucan. Credit: ZooAve

Toucan Nation follows the team who try and create a prosthetic beak for this plucky bird.

It also looks at how this incident was the seed to an entire movement that grew up in support of animal right in Costa Rica and across the globe.

Watch Toucan Nation tonight at 10 PM on Animal Planet.

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